Ever play Rock Smith or Guitar hero? Do you miss it? We do to!

I’ve been playing Beatstar for a while now and even live streamed it on twitch. I have had a blast playing this mobile game. You play to the beat of the song. The app does not have forced ads at all. You can watch ads for extra rewards if you want, but you can declined that without issues.

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This is “Beatstar” the best mobile game on the app store!

In beat star there is an option to buy the season pass. With the season pass, you unlock banners, cards for boxes of a genre and more. Use the Rainbow cards to select your own genre, and emojis to show off to your friends.

While playing Beatstar, you feel a rush of music flowing in your blood as if you are your own DJ. Click the tiles to keep playing the song. Make sure you it the tiles with perfect timing to get a higher score. Check out the video below.

You earn points for each song you complete. The points will be added to your bar of stars. You can get from 1 to 5 stars. After star 5 you then will get Gold, Platinum, Or diamond. As you play along it gets faster and harder.
You have to hit all your tiles either perfect or hit all them just right for perfect+.

Overall this game is the best mobile game I have ever played. I think that you would love it to!
Head on over to your app store and download Beatstar today!

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