Active Streamers Wanted!

I am a streamer myself who knows how hard it is to get anywhere. I look at my stream and its dead. No one to talk to.
I know other streamers feel the same way. But what we do this for fun. We love streaming cause we love the games we play and the people we meet.

Its tough out there. Trying to play something you love and have no one to really talk to. You are in that camera trying to do your best with your awesome content that you give out. Showing your best skills on stream. Im with you. I love playing good amount of games. But what makes it more fun for me. Is the viewers that i meet. I play with my viewers and not only that i love getting to know them. Stream for them. Its not about the money. Its about having that moment to share what you love to the awesome viewers you have and all we like to do is try to get more viewers to share awesome memories with. Those great moments. So how do we gain more traffic? Most streamers don’t like to help each other out. But I do. I believe that if we can get partner streamers where we can stream together, Play together, or even share each other streams. Then we should be about to grow and gain more traffic. Gamers loves it when their favorite streamers stream.

This is “Twitch Stream” Looking for streamers to partner with like you!

So what do we do? How do we grow and support each other? Easy. I am starting on my website to share other streamers content. So that you the viewers are able to see who is streaming and what they are about. And you the streamers will gain more viewers by raids, traffic we get from the site, The support from streamers sharing this site,
and hosting each other. When streaming we should link this site to each stream and encourage our viewers to check out the stream archives to see other streamers that your support. With this we create more traffic for each other. Let the viewers know who you are. And what you are about right now.

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