Ninjas Dynasty

Welcome to the new Ninjas Dynasty Website. Here you will be able to connect with other streamers and myself. ^_^ More features are to come.

Hey Im Ninjas Dynasty. I created this site to meet streamers and gamers such as yourself. However i like to help and support other streamers who are active, amazing, and loves gaming as I do. See I love gaming. Been doing it all my life. I started my team (WPG) Years ago back in 2004. We started in Halo and then Call Of Duty. I loved FPS Games so much
That i wanted to learn more about streaming. But I had to get good at something to show my viewers what i could do.
But what would that be? And that’s when I saw him “Optic Predator” Sniping left and right. Getting his awesome shots Seeing those trick shots. Just amazing. So he made me want to snipe. So it began. I went into private matches to hit a brick on a wall. Started to quick scope close. After I get the hang of it. I moved back some. And do it again. The better I got. The further I backed up. Once I got the hang of this. I think looked into my settings. Changing my button layouts to tactical. Learning how to halo jump and drop shot. But something else felt like it was missing. As I played I felt slow. as if I could not look to aim fast enough. I felt as if I myself was becoming slower. But then it hit me. To increase my sensitivity. Now this, This made me a lot faster. Not only that. But I changed my aim What a major difference. I soon realized that sniping the way I was and how fast I became. All my training I did increased my hand and eye sensitivity. I Finally did it. I was able to show my viewers what I can do And more!

This is “About Me” Introducing Ninjas Dynasty

I was doing great. Felt good to be good at something that I can share to everyone! Even my little brother “Ryan Sizemore” Told everyone that one day I would be known at what I do. He believed in everything I did. From gaming to playing guitar. He would always tell his friends about me. He would say, “My brother can beat you in Halo and COD.”
I made my little brother proud of me! Best feeling I ever had. Best days of my life. But I lost my brother back on Sept 7th, 2013. From that time, I gave up everything. I didn’t want to game, or play the guitar anymore. I was done. However in late 2014 of December. I came back to PC. No more Xbox for me. I started to play Dayz and Minecraft. Oh how everything was so much different and better then what Xbox could offer. I then brought (WPG) Team to PC. Started to just play for fun and chill. All I would love to see is Viewers trying to get to know me and me get to know them. I really do enjoy having people around with positive vibes. When I do get viewers and they love my videos and love seeing what I can do. The comments they give me is just awesome. Brings back memories of my brother. From that it makes me feel that he is around me. still watching. still cheering me on.

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