(WPG) Valheim Servers!

I am excited to bring you (The Community) 2 new Valheim servers! We now have a Vanilla server and a Modded Server. If you like to play on the Vanilla server. just look for Wasted Prodigy Gamers in the search bar. or if you like to join our mod server. Then Below you will see how to add the latest plugin files from our discord to your game files. please follow along with the video step by step.

This is “WPG Valheim” the latest server that was introduced to the gamers

First off to get into the mod server of Valheim. You will need a program called BepInEx, BepInEx is a program that goes into your root folder of Valheim. This allows you to add plugins to the game. Also please note to backup your main root folder into another area of your PC. So if you ever want to play on Vanilla with other friends. You wont have to delete your plugin valheim folder. just make sure you back up before doing anything else. Please read over BepInEx description as he does go over on how to install the program step by step. very easy. Now head to my Discord and make sure you Verify your profile with discord! click that green check mark. Then go to #self-role channel and select your games that you play. In this case. (Valheim Role) Once you get that role you will then see that channel. Head down to #how-to-get-mods channel. You will see my video And you will see the plugins that we have for our server. and add them into your plugins folder. or copy and replace the plugins folder would be very simple. and your done. Now you can join our server by searching Wasted Prodigy Gamers. Everything will be in the video and is more detailed. If you need help please message me on discord. ^_^

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