New Minecraft Server!

So you want a fresh start with fresh world in a Minecraft server? Start building on a server before anyone else touches it? Swing by my server today! !

Looking for a Minecraft server that is growing to play on? Now is your chance. I have created a big MC Server that can hold over 300 Players! I have to warn you. If you are offended easily. You may not want to join. Up to you. I have been working on this server for a long time now along with __Jake who helps me out a lot. I had so much fun learning the back end of things and creating something that is my own. I hope to see you guys in our server soon and call it home!

This is “WPG-Minecraft” the latest server that was introduced to the gamers

What do we offer in our Minecraft server? Right now we only have a few servers running into 1 server. However our MC Server is 1 of a kind. Only a few servers can do what we can do. What is awesome is that you can play on our
MC Server from any device. Yes you heard that right! Our java base server can now be played on by bedrock users!
You can connect from your Phones, Tablets, Switch, Playstation, and Xbox. So more players can now game on our server.

What all do you have in your server?
We have a Hub/Lobby you will spawn in. From this Hub you will be able to port to your favorite server. You can Port to Skyblocks, Faction that is PVP, Survival that is only for PVE, Plots, Minigames, and soon Prison!

How can i connect to your server from PC?
type in to join.

How can i connect to your server from bedrock?
Simple. Type in

Note: Not all bedrock users can join the server. I have not figured this out just yet. I am thinking that it is a port forward that you may need to setup.

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